The Irineu Collection

SECRET!! – The Story of the Irineu Collection

What do you do if you run a high-end San Francisco furniture gallery, and you have a $3,000 china vase whose handles have broken off?


You call Irineu to come and do his magic – repairing the vase so that you just cannot tell that a repair has been made!

vase with no handles

Same story for furniture, lamps, etc. Those items then get sold in the gallery for full retail, as good as new.


Vases, lamps,  dining sets,  dressers, beds, hutches, tables, shelves.  Many styles and colors, all brand new, except for the repair.


So here is the good news for you, as a customer of Bridge Consignment Shop. Irineu works with his Gallery clients to get more stuff. He then fixes those  things, and puts them in our store for you at from 60-90% off retail. Every item is a unique find, one-of-a-kind. And every item has a story. So grab it now, while you can – when it’s gone, it’s gone!
We are so confident in the quality of Irineu’s work that if you can find his repair on an item, you win an extra 5% discount off the already incredibly low price. So come and take a look!

P.S. – If you are not yet a customer of Bridge Consignment Shop or Bridge Storage, when you come you will see that we are a small store with very high quality stuff at ridiculously low prices. In fact, the consignment store is just a sideline to the storage business that we run. Frankly, a big crowd here would kind of freak us out – we just wouldn’t know what to do if we get swamped! Also, if word got back to Irineu’s customers in the City, who knows what kind of tantrum they might throw? So please, keep this quiet, and don’t spread this around.

P.P.S. – If Irineu had been around in Humpty Dumpty’s day, the poem would have had a different ending!

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