Meet The Staff


jimpic1Jim Wright – Founder and Partner
Scotty Bakke — Sales and Marketing, Office Fill-in

3 Responses to Meet The Staff

  1. Thanks for the tour today. I hope our collaboration ( my storage/studio etc) can work out.
    Here’s a link to some of my collectibles on craigslist.
    Maybe you can share the info or put it in the consignment shop.
    KRan Jones McCabe

  2. lj says:

    cute dog

  3. clark and le merle milsom says:

    My family attended the New Years Day event at Bridgestorage. We celebrated the high apsects of 2014 and elaborated on our hopes and dreams for 2015. We benefited from meeting artists and other community members in a way that celebrated creativity and the sounds of clanging bells. It was a fun afternoon. I was impressed also with the beautiful succulent gardens throughout the property. Clark Milsom, resident of the Marina Bay part of Richmond.

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