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Food Storage

Image depicts NSF certified food storage lockers for food storage rental.

NSF Certified Storage!

We offer dry, refrigerated, and frozen storage for chefs. All storage has been inspected and certified by Contra Costa Health Services. Storage allows chef's to buy in bulk and keep food and work in a centralized location.  

Kitchen For You

Image depicts a customer and chef smiling for a picture.

Every chef needs a good kitchen!

This is the kitchen for you! Bridge kitchen has competitive rental rates, a community of chefs, and a built in oppurtunity to provide catering for event.  We strive to support chefs in our community to do what they love and this can include you. 

Reserve Time

Image depicts a time reservation system screen shot from an iphone.

Convient 24/hour scheduling system!

Bridge offers a convenient scheduling system to ensure that every chef has room in the kitchen to work and adhere to Covid protocols.  Bridge scheduling system can be access from a computer as well as a phone for ease of use. 

Reserve Chef Time in the Kitchen

Kitchen Schedule

Rent Food Storage!

KFR (21 x 23)

Freezer Shelf Storage for kitchen clients only.

$35 / month

KCS (51 x 18)

Kitchen Cold Storage- One Shelf Located in Walk-In Refrigerator, for Kitchen Clients only.

$35 / month

KCL (24 x 14 x 3)

Kitchen Cold Storage Locker- Located Inside on the First Floor inside the walk-in refrigerator. For kitchen clients only.

$250 / month

KDS (46 x 24)

Dry Storage Shelf- One shelf For kitchen clients only.

$35 / month

KDL (24 x 14 x 60)

Kitchen Dry Storage Locker- 3 Shelves located Inside on the First Floor.

$150 / month

Requirments to use the kitchen

Administration Fee
Bridge Application
Servsafe Food Handler Card
Insurance (Naming Bridge)
Must apply for CC Catering permit (or applicable permit). <div style="text-align: center;"><a href="">Link to CCHealth</a></div><div style="text-align: center;">All county information can be found here.</div>

Useful Information

Link to CCHealth
All county information can be found here.