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Bridge Beer Garden

Bridge Events

Bridge is an exceptional event hosting venue that provides a memorable experience for both personal and corporate events. Our space is ideal for birthday parties, weddings, or even corporate offsites. With room for up to 100 guests inside, 300 guests outside, and secure off-street parking for up to 50 cars, Bridge has everything you need to make your next event a big hit. Our venue boasts modern and flexible event spaces, making it the perfect choice for everyone. We offer full production capability, including catering partnerships and a full beer & wine bartending service. We have an extensive network of stellar vendor partners to help you think creatively and achieve a holistic vision for your event. With Bridge, you can create a memorable event that guests will remember for years to come.

Elevate Your Next Meeting or Event


This image depicts a sophisticated gala-style dinner arrangement at Bridge Events, featuring a long, beautifully dressed table.

Bridge Storage Arts and Events boasts an expansive 12,000 sq ft venue, centered around a stunning Art Gallery. But that's just the beginning. Our versatile space extends into an outdoor Beer Garden area, offering a vast expanse of additional space for outdoor activities. As a trailblazer in redefining the concept of a storage center, we offer a unique blend of art, innovation, and community spirit. Your event, whether it's a product launch, corporate meeting, holiday party, vendor market, speaking engagement, book signing, or any bespoke experience you envision, will be immersed in an atmosphere of creativity and connection. Bridge Storage Arts and Events is not just a venue; it's a transformative space ideal for hosting memorable events that inspire and engage.


The scene showcases participants enjoying painting activities while sipping beverages, set in a space that balances comfort and creativity.

Bridge Storage Arts and Events is a premier venue for both public and private events. Our comprehensive calendar below is your go-to resource for information on all current and upcoming public events, showcasing a diverse range of activities and gatherings. If you're looking to host a private event, we've made it convenient and easy for you. Just below the calendar, you'll find a simple request form. Fill it out to start planning your exclusive event at our versatile and accommodating space. Whether you're attending one of our vibrant public events or organizing a private gathering, Bridge Storage Arts and Events is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for all guests.

Bar & Catering

"Spacious and Elegant Banquet Table Setup at Bridge EvThis image showcases a beautifully arranged banquet table at the Bridge Events venue, featuring stylish table settings and elegant decor, perfect for weddings, corporate events, and upscale gatherings.

Bridge Storage Arts & Events stands as the ultimate destination for exceptional food and beverage services, tailored to every type of occasion. Our licensed bar, staffed by expert bartenders, offers a diverse selection of premium beers and wines, perfect for enhancing any event. The culinary brilliance of our onsite independent chefs guarantees a customizable and memorable dining experience, meticulously crafted to suit the unique tastes of your event. Specializing in exclusive service of all alcoholic beverages, Bridge Storage Arts & Events promises a professional, seamless, and unforgettable catering experience for every gathering, be it corporate events, private parties, or special celebrations. Experience the pinnacle of dining and drinking services with Bridge Storage Arts & Events.

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Venue Rules and FAQs

Booking Policy: Reservations are required to be paid at least two weeks in advance. A refundable deposit is required to secure the date.
Capacity Restrictions: Maximum capacity inside the gallery is 80 standing and 40 seated guests. The outdoor garden area can host up to 200 guests.
Parking: Off-street parking is available for up to 50 cars. Vehicles must be parked in designated areas only.
Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol is to be consumed only in designated areas. Guests are prohibited from bringing their own alcohol; all alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the on-site beer and wine bar.
Wi-Fi Use: The free Wi-Fi provided is for guest use only. Any illegal activities conducted over the network will result in immediate expulsion from the premises.
Lighting: Strobe lights and RGB flood lights are available for event use. Guests are not allowed to tamper with or adjust the lighting without permission.
Electrical Outlets: While ample outlets are provided, guests are asked to inform the management if they will be using heavy electronic equipment to ensure safety.
Restroom Etiquette: Guests are required to respect and maintain cleanliness in the restrooms. Misuse or vandalism will result in penalties.
Noise Levels: While the venue promotes a vibrant atmosphere, noise levels should be kept to a reasonable volume, especially after 10 pm, out of respect for nearby residents.
Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside the gallery. Designated smoking areas will be provided outdoors.
Decorations: While we welcome personalization, any decorations or setups must not damage the gallery's structure or art pieces. Adhesives, nails, or any items that might cause damage are strictly prohibited. Nothing is allowed to be put on gallery walls. The renter is responsible for removal and disposal of all and any decor. Absolutely NO GLITTER OR CONFETTI.
Catering: If outside catering is brought in, the caterer must adhere to the venue's guidelines. Cleanup and waste disposal are the responsibility of the event host. Bridge Production Kitchen is not available for use by outside caterers.
Safety and Security: Any acts of aggression, harassment, or causing a disturbance will lead to immediate eviction from the premises.
Pets: Pets are not allowed, with the exception of service animals.
End Time: All events must conclude by the agreed-upon time. Overtime may result in additional charges and hinder your ability to host future events at Bridge.
Liabilities: The person booking the venue will be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred during the event.
Child Supervision: Children must be supervised at all times.
Emergencies: Familiarize yourself with the venue's emergency exits. In case of an emergency, follow staff instructions promptly.
Refundable Deposit: Provided there are no damages to the venue and you did not go over the allotted time you will receive your deposit back in 1- 7 business days. Depending on the Event Deposits start at 300.00. The deposit must be paid to hold the date being requested. In the event of a cancellation 50% of the deposit will be refunded if less than 1 month in advance. Host will receive 25% back is canceled within 2 weeks before date.
Security: May be required for all events over the amount of 25 persons. You are required to have one security person for every 50 persons expected at the event. All Ticketed Events Music Events will have to have security. (Please Attach Security Info)
Insurance: Insurance is required for all events in the sum of 1million. Please name the host (you) as primary and Bridge Kitchen as first additional insured & Wrightway Properties as second additional insured . All ticketed events need insurance. (Please Attach) ( may be an additional resource if you business insurance does not hold a policy)
Public Liability Insurance: If an event uses or contracts any external companies/vendors/service providers or volunteer/information providers, consult with Risk Management on whether they must produce a copy of their public liability insurance. (Please Attach)
Longer Event: Events that are more than one day or are over 6 total hours (including setup and tear down) may be subject to increased rental price.
Parking: All Parking will be either in the parking lot or on the street. With the exception of the key persons for the Event. This will eliminate the fire lanes and turn around from being blocked.
Noise Levels: In accordance with the Richmond Community Noise Ordinance Before 10 pm level should not be 60 DBA for more than 30 minutes in any hour which will be measured at any boundary of residential zone. After 10 pm the noise level should measure 50 DBA or ambient noise level.
Non Profits: Any non-profit organization must submit proper documentation to receive the weekend rate of $175.00 per hour. This is the only discount that we offer for prime days. We encourage you to take advantage of the regular rate of $75.oo per hour Monday through Thursday for a more affordable rate.
Damage Art: As the name suggest we are an Art Gallery and by renting our Gallery you agree to pay for any art that is damaged during your hosted event. It is required that you take out insurance for your event to cover these types of incidents.