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ACW - coworking

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Shared Art Studio

Work Inspired

Get Inspired in a Creative Environment

The Gallery at Bridge is our main coworking space.  It offers art for contemplation and fast wifi.  It is a place where you can come sit and read or have a meeting with clients in style. 

Work From Bridge


As offices are becoming a thing of the past Bridge offers a great alternative work enviroment. We have plenty of seating and space so that everyone can space out and find a quiet corner. We will soon be offering sound proof think booths for those who need absolute quiet to work.

Art Gallery

Not your ordinary Art Gallery

Hey artist Bridge gallery is also used an event space as well as a cafe style eating area. This means that potential clients will see your work. If you are interested in having and exhibition at Bridge please contact us here and let us know you want to show. 

Coworking Overview

The Coworking Space at Bridge Storage Artspace & Cafe is a shared working environment, where professionals and artists can congregate to get work done in a quiet environment.  The Gallery also doubles as an event space with draft beer and wine on offer during happy hours and events.   Coworkers are then welcome to migrate to the shared artist studio or garden during events, but we would prefer you have fun with us. 

This space is accessible to all Makers and Coworkers at Bridge. 


A Vibrant Work Enviroment

24/7 Access

An Inspiring Community

Fast Wifi

Inside and outside work spaces

Multiple work stations with power

Response to COVID-19

We're taking the necessary steps to protitize the health and safety of all artists and community members in our spaces. 

Increased Sanitization

In addition to Bridge's normal cleaning routine, we are cleaning high touch/traffic areas with more frequency. 

Physical Distancing

We have modified shared spaces to prioritize personal space and safety. 


Signage about mask wearing have been placed in strategic location around the campus to ensure that makers are following protocols.